LLC «Tokmak Solar Energy»


The company Tokmak Solar Energy was established on June 9, 2011. The main activity of the company is the conversion of solar energy into electricity. The production is based on advanced technologies and is not only highly efficient, but also environmentally friendly.
The main office and production of Tokmak Solar Energy are located in Zaporozhye. We are the dealers of the Japanese company "Sharp" - the leader in the field of photoelectric equipment and the Austrian company "Fronius" - a company that manufactures equipment that converts solar energy into electrical, so-called inverters.


The uniqueness of this station for Ukraine is that it assembles two technologies of solar modules: thin-film (amorphous) and polycrystalline. We used two types of solar modules. This allowed us to conduct research in order to find out which equipment is most suitable for our latitude. Today we came to an unambiguous conclusion that both types of equipment can be used in Ukraine. One and the other equipment has its pros and cons. Thin-film equipment works better with diffuse light, and polycrystalline equipment works better in clearly sunny weather.


It is the methodology developed by our company that will help everyone to find their own concept of using solar panels for each specific case. In addition, all of us are checked, approved and working.


Have you ever observed how the inflorescences of many plants turn after the movement of the daylight? Simulation of this kind of natural mechanism formed the basis for the advanced development of Tokmak Solar Energy, a solar tracking system, the so-called solar tracker.


The company's own development - tracker «TSE Tracker System», patented in Ukraine. The most interesting thing is that our trackers are made to withstand strong wind loads. At the same time, they are distinguished by a simple and reliable design. The tracker is made according to European standards, adapted to the conditions of Ukraine.

The design of the tracker is the know-how developed by the domestic design office of the company «Tokmak Solar Energy». From astronomy it is known where the sun will be in the sky every day and any minute. These data are sewn into the controller, which controls the station, and ensures the tracker's movement behind the sun with an interval of 10 minutes.
… The future has come now. TSE is not just in step with the times, but goes with it in a race. We try to always be in a trend, in the subject of the latest achievements of science and use any opportunities for development. We are not afraid of difficulties. We have set foot on the path of the discoverers and are not going to stop. We will bring new technologies and energy of the future to Ukraine! Already today we are creating technologies in which our children will live tomorrow!...
License on the electrical supply № 288202 from 16.01.14; production of the electrical energy № 288203 from 16.01.14 (Resolution of the NERC № 1774 from 26.12.13).