«Tokmak Solar Energy» is a socially responsible business. We share the problems of the inhabitants of the regions and consider it necessary to take part in solving territorial problems. The key to sustainable business development is the socio-economic development of society. We want the cities where the company operates become economically developed, and the lives of local residents - comfortable.

The social program, developed by Alexander Repkin, aims at creating favorable conditions for life and work, for improving the state of the infrastructure of the area, for the improvement of the territories where the capacities are carried out. There is active work in the field of education, culture, sports, health care system.

The company's social responsibility is based on the principles of openness, transparency and systemicity. Social Strategy «Tokmak Solar Energy» is an effective investment in the company's area of ​​activity to increase the level of comfort of living, improve the environment and conditions for the comprehensive development of local residents.

Social responsibility:
- education
- culture
- sport
- health care
- improvement of settlements
- social assistance