Hydrogen Roadmap: Austria already done, Ukraine is waiting for Hannover

On Wednesday, March 20, 2019, Austria presented the development hydrogen plan for the coming years. European Energy Association Hydrogen Europe reported about it on Twitter. The similar «roadmap» Ukrainian delegation will present at the International Industrial Exhibition - Hannover Messe 2019, the 3d of April.

Austrian hydrogen strategy in Vienna supported by the Minister of Sustainability and Tourism Elisabeth Köstinger, in close cooperation with the Austrian Ministry of transport, infrastructure and technologies.

In Ukraine, supported by Hydrogen Europe, a plan of the implementation hydrogen energetic and the development hydrogen economic have developed by Energy Association «Ukrainian Hydrogen Council» in heads of President Oleksandr Riepkin in cooperation with Institute of Renewable Energy of the National Academy the Sciences of Ukraine.

Official Ukrainian delegation becomes a part of «Hydrogen + Fuel Cells EUROPE» in Hannover for the first time. The April exhibition will focus on the most actual developments of hydrogen energetic and will be the biggest this kind of event in Europe.

The Ukrainian stand will be devoted to integration, modernization and the development of modern technologies of utilization the renewable energy sources into the Ukrainian economics model; with the hydrogen roadmap of the sector.

«Obviously, sooner or later, the switch-over to hydrogen will be obligatory for all. Only the first ones will be a winner. It is time to act: construct infrastructure, import hydrogen cars, involve hydrogen in the production process of electricity. In less than 30 years at the world`s tracks would come «hydrogen era». Ukraine should have a clear plan of development. And we have it already», - Oleksandr Riepkin said.

The news about Austrian hydrogen roadmap: