Nuclear energy is dying: most of Ukrainian nuclear power plants (NPP) reached the end of their useful life

On February, 26-28th  2019, The 10-th International Anniversary Ukrainian Energy Forum have passed in Kiev. Head of Supervisory Board of «Tokmak Solar Energy», President of Energy Association "Ukrainian hydrogen council" Oleksandr Riepkin have told about new technologies of the renewable energy sector and industry prospects in Ukraine.

Atom`s crashing

Indeed, Ukraine is standing on the brink of the energy revolution. At this point, the Ukrainian government must take meaningful steps to the new stage of the evolution of energy systems. For this, is necessary to reform the energy sector at the national level.

«Unfortunately, nuclear and traditional energy is still the foundation of our energy systems. Today more than 53% of total electricity is generated by nuclear power plants. Just three of eleven power blocks hadn't renewed the operational lifetimes. This is the appropriate time to develop the clear strategy, how to supersede all of these wattages in connection with ending of their expiration dates», - emphasized Oleksandr Riepkin.

The new electricity market with new rules for players is already evolving in Ukraine. To reach this goal we need to adopt new laws. And in order, to fulfil all the commitments of building the generational capacities to European partners, renewable energies must be in the total not just 2,7%, but 10%. Exactly like in Europe now. To reform the Ukrainian energetic – is the government responsibility.

The development of renewable resources

Wattages of alternative energy in Ukraine are growing fast. «In 2018 in Ukraine put into service 742 megawatts of new objects. In particular solar energy, plants amounted to 645 megawatts. But that`s not enough at this stage. In general, the electric power balance of Ukraine part of all renewable sources is only 2,72%. Nuclear power plants take the major providers of electricity, their proportion is 53%», - pointed out the owner of «Tokmak Solar Energy».

However, there is an expectation of new energy industry. Experts consider it the most perspective not only for the development of energetic industry but in general European economy. It is the transition to the use of hydrogen.

Hydrogen is a chance for energy Renaissance

The hydrogen provides more renewable sources of energy and provides sectoral integration in industrial, electric utility and transport industries. Hydrogen`s technologies have two obvious ways of development. The first is – the possibility of accumulate energy provided by renewable sources and use it at the right time. Hydrogen`s technologies permitting it due to the shelf life. And the second is – these technologies could be integrated at the most important spheres of any economic – transport and municipal services.

Only in the 2018 year in European countries implemented 227 projects amounting to 844 million dollars to promote the renewable energy industry. In his presentation «Ukrainian Hydrogen Council – a bridge to Europe» Oleksandr Riepkin noted that accession to the hydrogen energetic industry will be a step forward for Ukraine. It`ll give us access to new technologies which actively exploits, have the greatest potential for development and integration in the world:

«Ukraine would be able to implement hydrogen`s projects before the end of 2019. We need to catch up with Europe. It is a good opportunity for acceding to these trends and initiatives now. To ensure that we are not behind them. Another thing, which exists in Europe – is the production of «green» hydrogen. There are also different technologies. Electricity which is consumed by hydrogen`s production can be obtained from renewable sources or from usual power plants. The most support and value will have that hydrogen which receives using renewable sources. In certain countries has been taken concepts until 2050 when they should totally reject the use of traditional energy resources which emit CO2», - stressed the president of Ukrainian hydrogen council.

Specifically in Europe is an enterprise connected with the development of facilities and transports. We`re talking about hydrogen`s service stations.

 «In Germany is already working more than 65  such stations. And plan to build so much during the year. All of the European countries identified routes where will be installed that stations. 89 regions from 22 countries which are actively fostering hydrogen`s technologies have joined an initiative. Our country has a chance to participate in the modern development of European energetic», - added Oleksandr Riepkin.

Ukrainian Hydrogen Council – the first energetic association of providing Ukrainian energetic, industrial and public companies. The organizer of one of the biggest hydrogen`s forums in Europe (The International Energy Forum «Wind and Hydrogen»), which supported by 16 countries. Associated member of the Hydrogen Europe. Ukrainian Hydrogen Council – the first organization within EU Commission from the country which isn`t part of the Europen Union.