Plain and simple about modern technologies – on Instagram «Tokmak Solar Energy»

We restarted our Instagram page

Recent developments, world experience and how that works in Ukraine. Now, you can see this simply scrolling your Instagram page. On our page – are interesting facts about «Tokmak Solar Energy» and everything about «green» energetic.

If you don`t know yet who had transformed the first solar rays into electric, for what Einstein was awarded the Nobel Prize or what types of solar modules are used nowadays – you are welcome. We`ll tell about modern technologies plain and simple.

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«Tokmak Solar Energy» company works on the market of alternative energy of Ukraine since 2011. The main office is located in Tokmak, Zaporozhskaya oblast. There is also our biggest solar energy plant with voltages class 50 megawatt (96 hectares), which have own transformer stations and line coupling with a capacity of 150 kilowatts. Those capacities are enough to provide energy supplies for 6 districts of Zaporozhshskaya oblast and also for transits electricity through own transformer station.