Finally, an umbrella you’ll never lose

If you are someone who is endlessly searching for your misplaced umbrella when bad weather strikes, have no fear: the Blunt Umbrella is here. The smart umbrella is equipped with the Bluetooth-enabled Tile app. The technology uses your smartphone to locate the lost umbrella, which starts “singing” until it is found again – giving a whole new meaning to “Singing in the Rain.”

And these aren’t your cheap, corner-store umbrellas, either. Blunt makes some of the strongest on the market, sturdied by a fully tensioned canopy and eliminating the embarrassing inside-out umbrella spectacle. The Tile chip is tucked neatly into one corner and can be activated within 49 to 99 feet of your smartphone. Luckily, users can look up the “last seen” location if the umbrella is out of this limited range.

Searching for misplaced objects is quite the time-waster, with an average of 153 days spent over a lifetime, per person. The collaboration between these two technologies could drastically reduce time spent hunting down umbrellas, which are in the top five of all misplaced objects. Compact versions can be purchased for about $93 and the larger, classic versions for $99.

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