Sweden wants to turn 2 power towers into picnic platforms in the sky

The Swedish Royal Court has hired Anders Berensson Architects (A-B-A) to breathe new life into 12 disused power towers in central Stockholm. In a creative approach to adaptive reuse, the firm envisions two of the towers as observation decks where visitors can take in 360-degree views of Norra Djurgarden, the city’s sprawling national park. There, park visitors could climb high above the treetops to enjoy a picnic in the sky.

The 12 towers in question were originally built to hold power lines over the tree canopy of the urban park, so the construction is strong enough to support pedestrian platforms. The architecture firm proposes turning two of the towers into elevated picnic spots, where people can enjoy a snack or meal and take in the skyline of Stockholm. Finding a way for members of the public to enjoy the disused power towers could help draw more people to the park, and the project would provide incredible photography opportunities from the upper decks.


In order to transform the power towers into park-goer destinations, A-B-A proposes a design that would add stairs and platforms made from wood, rather than steel, to reduce the structure’s overall weight load. Wooden additions would also provide a visual contrast to the original towers, which are envisioned painted in yellow. The two observation towers would also house kiosks in the lower levels that would sell refreshments and serve as gatekeepers for the towers, which would likely have restricted hours.

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Source: www.inhabitat.com