Stunning Tournesol swimming pool in France opens up like a futuristic flower

This dome-shaped swimming pool located near Strasbourg, France, has received several renovations over the years, but the latest, by design studio Urbane Kultur and manufacturer Hi-Macs, makes the most of its interior space. The team has refurbished and extended the facility while preserving the simplicity of the original design, including the massive roof, which can open up to the sky like a futuristic flower.

The swimming pool is one among several dome-shaped swimming pools, named Tournesol, built in France during the 1970s and 1980s. Designed by architect Bernard Schoeller, the column-free dome structures resemble sunflowers and can be partially opened in the summer. Their compact form makes it difficult to introduce new auxiliary spaces without significantly compromising the integrity of the original design.

Urbane Kultur and Hi-Macs demolished the extensions built over time and moved the changing rooms to allow three stainless steel basins to take place under the dome. The extension, independent from the original structure, houses the entrance hall, changing rooms, office spaces and technical rooms. Several transparent parts offer a stronger connection between the halls, pools and locker rooms.


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