Fronius: The future lies not in our stars, but in our sun

We believe in a future in which we cover 100% of our global energy requirements from renewable sources. The world of 24 hours of sun. In this future, renewable energy is accessible to everyone. Worldwide, at any time, in any place. Solar power plays a leading role in the mix of renewables that supply us with energy around the clock.

How will we achieve 24 hours of sun in the future? The key lies in the use of technologies and solutions to generate, store, distribute and consume renewable energy intelligently and cost-effectively. At Fronius, we are working on this day in, day out. With our products and solutions, we are already making a decisive contribution to achieving 24 hours of sun in the future.

However we cannot achieve this aim alone. We need people who share our aim. By purchasing a PV system or a storage unit, by investing in building energy efficiency or simply by using public transport. Everyone can get involved - and every contribution counts. So why not join in? After all, we are all 24 hours of sun. 

Every single one of us can help to create a world where energy is 100% renewable. Including you! Change the world together with us. Take a look at our film You are 24 hours of sun and add your personal message at


Outstanding products and solutions make us the world quality leader. We combine our flair for innovation with our responsibility towards the environment and future generations.


The generation and use of solar energy at home has changed radically. Previously, most people purchased PV systems because they were attracted by feed-in tariffs, whereas today, most people want to generate the energy they need for their home. At the same time, today's storage technology allows people to be self-sufficient to a degree never seen before. Change will remain the norm. With this in mind, it is crucial to offer efficient and flexible solutions that meet the needs of today but are also rigorous enough to cope with the changing requirements of the future.


The era of generous feed-in tariffs has come to an end. Today, most people who invest in PV systems do so in order to cover their own energy consumption through self-generated electricity and hence cut their energy costs. In general, the more of your energy needs that can be covered by your own PV production, rather than from the grid, the greater the profitability of an investment in a PV system. This can be ensured by the cost-effective, automatic connection of consumers during periods of high solar energy generation. This is why every Fronius in-verter now features integrated energy management functions (page 70) as standard. In the meantime, we continue to work on making solar energy even more efficient to use. With the Fronius Ohmpilot, a solution for efficient hot water preparation using solar power, we are introducing our latest innovation for fully exploiting solar power.


We believe that in a few years a storage system will be integrated in the majority of PV systems – both new and existing ones. This means that in addition to new installations, retrofitting storage devices will become increasingly important. With the Fronius Energy Package, we are currently setting standards by offering one of the most attractive systems on the market. However, in order to be successful in the long term, it isn't enough to simply offer excellent technical products. Instead, flexible technologies, which enable optimised storage solutions in a variety of application scenarios, are required. Our answer to this is called Multi Flow Technology. Turn to page 14 to find out more.


Fronius supplies a comprehensive set of tools for PV system management - from a smartphone app to the professional monitoring platform Fronius Solar.web Premium. But why is this important? Firstly, because every PV system operator should have an effective system monitoring solution so that they can ensure that everything is working as it should be. Secondly, an effective PV system management solution is one of the keys to future business success for installers. Technology develops at an incredible rate, which means that completely new options will soon be available. For example, systems will be continuously improved with software updates available via the Internet, as is already the case with smartphones, and it will increasingly be possible to activate new functions and services online. Software will also enable system data to be analysed, meaning that tailored quotes can be created for customers – for a storage system for example. To benefit from these opportunities in the future, it is vital to act now. Only by starting now to record custom-ers' systems in a database that maps both energy production and con-sumption will it be possible for installers to analyse PV systems for their customers in the future. Not only will this result in better advice, it will also provide a competitive advantage. Fronius is already supplying the necessary tools.

Get ready for the future – today.

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