GoSun Solar Dogger: No Fuel, No Flame, No Worries

GoSun Stove has revolutionized fuel-free cooking over the past three years. Now we are making our award winning solar cooking technology even more accessible and educational. After months of development the Dogger was born.

From the Field to the Classroom

Having developed a matching Educational Kit to explain the principles behind the stove, we aim to get the Solar Dogger into classrooms around the world. With your help we can make that a reality!

Mini but Mighty

Dogger is a portable, durable stove that belongs everywhere from the ballpark to the classroom. Using the same vacuum tube and compound parabolic reflectors as the GoSun Sport and GoSun Grill, the Dogger can roast a couple hotdogs, sausages or taquitos in minutes and will not leave you hungry in cloudy or cold weather.

More than a Toy

With the optional Dogger Plus Educational Kit, children and adults of all ages can learn the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) principles behind the GoSun Solar Cooking Technology while tasting the power of the Sun first hand (more on the contents of the Educational Kit below).

Take it Anywhere

The Dogger packs into a durable, 2 LB clamshell case, perfect for any occasion. You can leave it in your car, so you're always ready when hunger strikes.

Fire-Free Fun

Thanks to the vacuum tube’s near perfect insulation, the entire outside of the stove remains cool to touch while the inside hits temperatures up to 550°F/280°C.

Roast from sun up to sun down

With the help to the integrated Multi-Position Base and Kickstand. A full range of of sunlight angles, wavelengths and intensity are absorbed; from 0° to 75° tilt and ultraviolet through infrared.

The children are the future - so is the rest of your life. Teach yourself and others how to harness power for free, all day, every day. Dogger Plus includes some specialty items intended to make us more energy aware. It's for those still interested in experimenting and pushing the limits of science and humanity.

Help grow this break-through and make history

Would you like more reasons to support this campaign?

We're facing about $50,000 in tooling costs alone
GoSun is in its third year and trying to break free of finanacial barriers
This technology can Save the World (or at least part of it)
Easy to Clean, even for a dirty hippy
Won't catch fire, unless you like hairspray on your hot dog
Set it up and walk away, come back and eat
No Operating Costs, ever

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Source: www.indiegogo.com