How to choose a solar module сorrectly?

A few years ago we could not even imagine that today solar energy market will suggest such a variety of solar modules. Therefore, before buyers rose a question - how among so many products to choose a quality module and how to distinguish whether it's good or bad?

All modules produce electricity by converting sunlight - then why should we buy expensive? Here, the situation can be compared to cars. To get from point "A" to point "B" you can use different vehicles. Both cars can be of the same size and the same engine power.  But one сar after a few kilometers lose its speed and you can not go faster, since the car will start breaking down every kilometer, etc. Another car  will run  all the distance all the same as in the beginning. As a result, the first car, may not reach the destination, while constantly repairing it, even  cyclists will run faster than you. In the end, in the middle of the way, you'll have to buy another car. On another, more expensive and quality car  you can drive to the end, not even noticing the way.

Thus, after making conclusions, it is worth remembering that not all manufacturers and solar modules are the same. There are a number of parameters and factors to which you should pay attention when buying and choosing a supplier. Moreover, the price of the modules should not be a determining factor.

When choosing a solar module you should pay attention to the following factors:

  • • The quality of the solar cell - its efficiency may be different. Many things depends on the quality of the production and quality of the solar cell used in its production materials and equipment.

  • • The quality of the soldering of solar cells. When poor-quality soldering is done it can lead to local overheating and burning. That is why it is better to choose the modules in which the elements are soldered by robots - in this case the scatter quality soldering will be minimal.

  • • Quality of EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate film), which is located between the elements and glass. Aging crystalline solar modules are mainly associated with aging and clouding of the film. Under the action of ultraviolet rays substandard film may start to thicken and crumble in a few years. Good film will serve 30 or more years, and its haze (and hence power loss modulus) will not exceed 25-30%.

  • • The quality of the sealing unit and the quality of the back protective film. Rear film protects the unit from moisture. In any module as diffusion of moisture through the film. If the quality of the film is good, then any moisture that gets into the module when it is heated on the sun, will be taken out. If the film is of poor quality, the moisture gets more than it can go out during the heating, the residual moisture accumulates inside the module and breaks contacts and contact grid elements. This leads to premature failure of the module.

  • • Quality aluminum frame. Poor anodizing may lead to oxidation and corrosion frame. Fortunately, this defect is more visual and unlikely to lead to premature failure of the module. Although, in some cases (for example, when installing modules on the masts, where heavy wind loads or where is the environment is aggressive) accelerated corrosion of the metal can lead to its destruction under load.

So which  manufacturer can be trusted? And a module of which brand should be prefered?Let's see which producers choose the world's largest companies.  Thus, on more than 130 photovoltaic modules installed Sharp satellites. These modules fed satellites with the energy from the sun for the past 50 years. Also, Sharp photovoltaic modules are installed in over 1,200 lighthouses, industrial and traffic facilities, public buildings and homes.

As you can see, Sharp is a world leader in the manufacture of solar cells with a production capacity of 400 megawatts. Satellites, lighthouses, industry, public buildings and homes - Sharp solar cells provide energy facilities worldwide. Every fourth photovoltaic module installed in the world is produced by Sharp. Thus, it is worth noting that Sharp makes a significant contribution to the successful creation of solar energy worldwide.

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