How сan the "green tariff" help ordinary Ukrainians?

As soon as the whole of Europe had recovered from the "boom" of solar energy, as it echo has reached and expanded in Ukraine. Suddenly, everyone began to say that this energy is efficient and thus cheaper. Of course, if we consider for the length of time the whole enternity! After all, this is how much our sun will live , isn't it?

And no matter how many times Ukrainians were told about the myth of the high cost of solar energy, but some segments of the population still can not buy even a single solar panel on their roof. So what should we do?

This is not a simple matter, because the producers of solar panels have to vary between the relatively high cost of materials and purchasing power of Ukrainian citizens. So that on the one hand, to increase the efficiency of solar panels is necessary to use a chemically pure and expensive materials, and on the other hand the solar panel should be purchased today, but not in a thousand years.

Moreover, ordinary Ukrainians least want to think about what proportion of solar energy takes in the country today and how it stimulates the economy. They worry not even about when they can buy a solar panel, but if they can afford themselves to buy the solar panel at all?

Possible solution in this situation would be the "green tariff" for private households. Thus, it is believed that a "green tariff" can help many people to be on the path of consumption of clean energy, without incurring significant financial loss from their side, because in their pocket will come a certain amount of money from the generated electricity and delivered to the grid. Due to these payments for "green tariff" the loan for the solar panels can be paid, or it can be directed to other purposes.

Pleased with the fact that in Ukraine already exists the company which is ready to offer Ukrainians solar panels in a good price-quality ratio. So, pretty young, but quite ambitious company "Tokmak Solar Energy" has established itself as the leader of the Ukrainian market of photovoltaics. And no wonder, because the company has something to boast about: tracker, of his own invention and the solar power plant is more than just convincing arguments. Moreover, the company is working closely with the Japanese company Sharp and the Austrian company Fronius, that only adds prestige to the company.

Speaking of prestige, we would like to note that today is definitely prestigious to have solar panels on your roof and even that today they are available only to some people, tomorrow you can have solar panels too. After all, remember, once we all dreamed about mobile phones, and today already everyone have them.