Alexander Riepkin has received a Certificate of Merit of Zaporizhzhya Region State Administration for a significant contribution to the development of entrepreneurship and regional economy.

4.09.14 in Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration held an enlarged meeting of the regional coordinating council on the development of entrepreneurship, which was attended by the head of the State Administration Valery Baranov, his first deputy Grigory Samardak, and also representatives of the regional council, Zaporizhzhya city council, businesses and the public.

During the event, 32 entrepreneurs of the region and the city have been awarded by certificates of Regional State Administration for significant contribution to the development of entrepreneurship and regional economy.
The Cetificate of Merit of the best entrepreneur also received the Chairman of the Board of Directors of "Tokmak Solar Energy" Co. Ltd.the Supervisory Board of the Company "Tokmak Solar Energy" Aleksander Riepkin.

While communicating with the authorities and entrepreneurs Aleksandr  Riepkin said: "The best reward for the entrepreneur - is the creation of normal conditions for doing business. The state should understand that entrepreneurs - is a support of government. We create jobs, pay taxes, and develop the territory in which we operate. When the state will become a partner of entrepreneurs, it will improve the quality of life for all Ukrainians."

Welcoming the representatives of small and medium-sized businesses with their professional holiday, the first deputy chairman of the State Administration stated that over the past six months, the relationship between entrepreneurs and the authorities have changed for the better. At present, significantly reduced the number of permits - from 143 to 85. The largest amount is liquidated in the field of agricultural policy and the environment. Also before the end of this year a moratorium on carrying out of any inspections by authorities was conducted.

Our main task today, continued the official - to create the most favorable conditions for doing business and to remove barriers on its development. In recent months, there have been events that have seriously changed the situation in our country. You now demonstrate all their active citizenship, engaging not only the solution of socio-economic problems, but also ensuring the defense area.

The Head of the region Valery Baranov also thanked the representatives of small and medium-sized businesses for the partial attitude in the questions of protection of the territorial integrity of Ukraine and the support of the army.

According to the materials of the official site of Zaporozhzhya Region State Administration.