The company "Tokmak Solar Energy" became a part of Assosiation of the enterpreneurs of Tavriya.

29 of June 2014 the press-conference regarding organisation of the  Assosiation of the enterpreneurs of Tavriya took a place  at the  Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The main purpose of  organizing  this assosiation was the necessity of the contribution to the development of the  entrepreneurship in Zaporozhskaya oblast' including small and mid-sized businesses , participation in the organisation of the  congenial investment climate, and also creation of the efficient system of  juridical protection of the business.

At the press-conference delivered a speech: A.A.Riepkin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of "Tokmak Solar Energy" Co. Ltd., V.V. Bogovin - Director of the Agriculture company "Bizon-tech"; A. Y. Timartsev - Director of the juridical company "Timartsev and partners".

"Zaporozhskaya oblast is a unique region, where presented all types of electrical power generation : nuclear, thermal, hydro,wind and solar.This gives an opportunity to talk about creation of unique energy park on the territory of our  oblast'. The organisation of the indicated assosiation will allow power engineers to contribute to the development and prosperity of the region, and also it will allow to protect our own region" said A. Riepkin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of "Tokmak Solar Energy" Co. Ltd.

Thus, businessmen decided to join forces  with the purpose to promote system development of business in Zaporozhskaya oblast'. As it is claimed by the participants of the press-conference - Assosiation of the enterpreneurs of Tavriya is non comercial and non political organisation, though it is planned that activity of the association will be directed to the  lobbying of interests of Zaporozhye business on the central level. Also it is planned to have an impact on the changing of the  taxation system in the field of the VAT administration, including  reconstruction of the budget correctness while  the distribution of profits between center and region.

"There are a lot of ways of raising of funds, but we prefer to earn money. That is why today we speak, on behalf of the employers of Zaporozhye and oblast'. We have a natural, business purpose - to develop our business and make it as profitable as possible. This process directly connected with formation of new working places, including creation of better  conditions for business, which will allow efficiently promote business and government. The more profit will bring business to the government, the more welfare of our country will be improved" said A.A. Riepkin.

The participants of the press-conference  emphasize that economy should not be  "continuation of the politics", and in the state must be developed civilized enterpreneurs relationships. Furthermore, one should urgently react to the challenges of the agriculture in view of ratification of the economic part of the Assosiation with European Union and with imposing of the restrictions of Russia on the import of  ukrainian  agricultural products.

Thus, within the frameworks of the press-conference the association announced the beginning of its work and invited all enterpreneurs, who work on understandable correct legal basis to join the Association of enterpreneurs of Tavriya.