Сompany "Tokmak Solar Energy" visited the exhibition-conference Intersolar North America 2014 in San-Francisco.

Intersolar North America - is an international  exhibition - conference for  special -purposes, dedicated to the questions of solar energy in North America. Earlier from 4 till 6 of June the exhibition took place in Munchen, Germany. The main advantage of the exhibition Intersolar for "Tokmak Solar Energy" is maintaining of already existing  contacts and establishing  the new partners relations,  also obtaining the information about tendencies of the development of the specified field in the countries, in which  the alternative energy plays an important role.

The event took place from 8 till 10 of July 2014 at the Moscone center, San-Francisco. It is estimated that around 650  exhibitors participated at the exhibition, also 19,000 visitors from 80 countries. The exhibition Intersolar North America 2014 served as a basis for the universal exchange of the information and ideas in a friendly atmosphere.

Within the exhibition Intersolar North America 2014 was held a conference, which reached a new level this year. This 3-days event covered an issue of the latest innovations, from the PV and energy storage, to solar heating  and cooling technologies.

According to the professor Dr. Eicke R. Weber, conference committee Chairman, Intersolar North America Director: "The solar energy will be a key pillar of the future global energy mix. Even an IEA analysis predicts that solar energy might provide up to 1/3 of the world's total energy demand after 2060, requiring thousands of GW of installed PV power. This shows that we can safely expect the PV world market to grow further very quickly."

Сompany "Tokmak Solar Energy" participated on the  exhibition, and for the first time presented for North America system of the that automatically tracks the sun’s movement and positions across the sky. The participants and guest of the exhibition highly appreciated the ukrainian innovation. In comparison with other analogues, the ukrainian tracker can be applied in any climate zone, taking into consideration wind and snow capacity.

Within the exhibition the company "Tokmak Solar Energy" held a meeting with the company Solar TAC (technology accelaration center). Between companies was established partners relationships. Furthermore, during the meeting was reached an agreement concerning supply of ukrainian tracker to the market of North America.

What is more, the ukranian tracker was highly appreciated by the producers of the new solar CPV modules, as it can provide the conditions most closely resembling to 90 degrees  of tracing the sun. The above mentioned fact has a high priority for the CPV modules.

According to the online-magazine "Intersolar North America".