Tracker of the company "Tokmak Solar Energy", which was presented on the exhibition Intersolar Europe 2014, hit the mark of the required installation in Europe.

Thus, the annual international exhibition Intersolar Europe 2014  opened its doors again from 4 till 6 June, 2014 in Munich, Germany. The exhibition, dedicated to the questions of solar energy, packed a punch with innovation and internationality. On the exhibition were presented a lot of  relevant topics, and also up-to date and effective solutions in the sphere of solar energy.

Around 1,300 attendees enjoyed the conference and its side events at ICM – Internationales Congress Center Munchen from June 2–4.  Along with exhibition, copmanies-partners also discussed such questions as political conditions of transition to the reliable system of energy delivery, development of the market of solar energy production, and new business models.

Moreover, a traditional complex of events of exhibition Intersolar Europe 2014 - attracted a wide range of companies- partners not only from Germany, China, Austria, Italy and France, but also from Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Saudi Arabia, Morocco and India. Thus, the leading exhibition gave an opportunity to Ukraine to impress with its innovations.

The ukrainian company "Tokmak Solar Energy" on forum was successfully presented by the project leaders. The company made its contribution by suggesting a  brilliantly designed tracker of the solar batteries with the capacity 6-15 W.  The engineers of "Tokmak Solar Energy" have successfully introduced a rotation system for modules, which adequately combines a leading-edge solar tracking technology and an installation equipped with only one engine; these features set our system apart from many other designs with two engines available on the market today.

On the exhibition Intersolar Europe 2014 also participated partners of the company "Tokmak Solar Energy" - сompany Sharp(Japan) and company Fronius (Austria). During the meeting, company "Tokmak Solar Energy" gave the right of the  dealership on the sale of its trackers to the large organisations of Europe. Moreover, the company  "Tokmak Solar Energy"  evoked a wide response in academic and industrial communities of German company Schletter, and was invited at the place of production, where two companies discussed future fruitfull cooperation. After press-conference, "solar delegation" discussed further questions already in the informal atmosphere, on so-called Sсhletter party.

It stands to mention that tracker of the company "Tokmak Solar Energy" was highly appreciated by the public. Furthermore, the company "Tokmak Solar Energy" is the only ukrainian company which constantly and successfully participates on such exhibitions.

It was reported that "Tokmak Solar Energy" successfully prepares to its further exhibition Intersolar, which will take place from 8 till 10 July, 2014 in San Francisco.

In any way, we will continue to  watch the development of affairs. So, we will meet on the exhibition!